Wettenhalls & Guardian – For the Driver, It’s Just ‘Get In & Drive.’

Wettenhalls has been providing transportation solutions across the eastern and southern regions of Australia for over 90 years. The fleet, which comprises 120 prime movers, 10 rigids and more than 250 trailers, services primarily the dairy, food and beverage, wharf services, construction, and general freight (local and interstate) markets. Learn how they have implemented Seeing Machines' Guardian solution to proactively manage driver fatigue and distraction.

  • Trucks driving on a highway

With a ZERO HARM vision, Wettenhalls is committed to safety, just like Seeing Machines, making our Guardian solution a perfect fit.

Wettenhalls has a range of vehicle and equipment options – among them single and B-double taut liners, open top, refrigerated vans and walking floor trailers – allowing them to provide, in their words, ‘responsive, safe and innovative transportation solutions’ that cater to individual client’s needs.

Since the initial roll out of Guardian in 2016, the incidence of fatigue events in the fleet has been dropping in inverse relationship to the number of installations: as the system is fitted in more and more trucks, the number of fatigue events drops lower and lower.

“I could not contemplate operating a heavy vehicle fleet today without Guardian.” – Mike Lean, CEO Wettenhalls

Learn more about how Guardian has helped Wettenhalls to proactively manage fatigue and distraction risk and improve driver safety in this case study.