Guardian driver fatigue and distraction solution.

While efficiency is essential for the successful operation of a transport or logistics business, safety underpins everything. Fatigue and distraction are the two biggest safety risks for employees and businesses in this sector.

Seeing Machines’ world-leading driver fatigue and distraction technology is scientifically proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90%.

Guardian, our real-time driver fatigue and distraction technology solution is underpinned by real-world driving data collected over literally billions of kilometres of travel.

Guardian by Seeing Machines protects over 800 commercial transport and logistics organisations and their drivers globally, including Coach USA, Toll Group and Transport for London.

kilometers travelled

distraction events detected

fatigue interventions (12 months)

How it works

Artificial intelligence built into the Guardian driver safety system monitors a driver’s attentiveness and intervenes if it detects a fatigue or distraction event.

Event detected

Event detected

Sophisticated face- and eye-tracking algorithms measure a driver or operator's head position, eye gaze and eye closure to detect fatigue or distraction.

Alerts activated

Alerts activated

When safety parameters are exceeded, audio alarms and powerful seat vibrations are immediately activated, alerting the driver/operator and the Guardian Centre.

Event analysed

Event analysed

Data and footage of the event are relayed to the 24/7 Guardian Centre through a secure connection for review by a Guardian analyst.

Action initiated

Action initiated

If needed, fatigue intervention is initiated. Fleet management can respond to mitigate the risk, in real time, with actions such as taking a break or ending a shift.



Data on fatigue and distraction events is captured in the Guardian Live online platform and can be viewed and used to inform behaviour and process change.

Guardian fatigue and distraction detection technology includes the in-vehicle system, Guardian Live web portal, 24/7 monitoring and analysis, and 24/7 technical support.

In-vehicle system

Each time a driver starts their vehicle, Guardian powers up and is ready to protect them.

1. In-Cab Sensor

Tracks eye closure and head position to provide protection against fatigue and distraction.

2. Controller / Processor

A fanless computer which is the heart of Guardian. All peripherals, and power, are connected to it.

3. Vibration Motor

Vibrates the seat when fatigue or distraction is detected.

Guardian Live

The Guardian Live web portal stores data and video of fatigue and distraction events for fleet managers to view via secure log-in.

Use it to understand situations as they evolve, inform safety programs and make operational improvements that help keep your drivers and other road users safe.

24/7 Monitoring and intervention

Guardian Centre analysts review fatigue and distraction event data and video and initate Fatigue Intervention Plans developed in consultation with customers. 24/7 monitoring equips fleet managers with the ability to intervene during unsafe driving behaviour.

24/7 Technical support

The Seeing Machines technical specialists and our partners are always available to support you. We’ll coordinate installation of Guardian driver monitoring into your vehicles and provide training and technical information to ensure a seamless experience.


Integrate your Guardian data with your business systems.

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Why Guardian by Seeing Machines?

  • Our safety technology is underpinned by 20+ years of scientific research, making it more empathetic to the needs of human beings.
  • Installing Guardian brings insurance incentives and tax benefits.
  • Guardian helps you meet compliance obligations.


Don’t just take our word for it.

“I could not contemplate operating a heavy vehicle fleet today without Guardian.”

Mike Lean, CEO, Wettenhalls

“Guardian keeps our drivers, equipment, freight and others on the road more safe and prevents an unknown number of incidents.”

Greg Siemens, Compliance and Safety Director, Ritchie Trucking Service Inc.

“Guardian has proven extremely reliable and accurate. We’ve been able to revise operational practice as risk mitigation. It continues to be a very valuable tool in our day-to-day business.”

Darren Wood, General Manager, Ron Finemore Transport

“No Qube truck fitted with Guardian has had a fatigue or distraction rollover incident.”

Mike Mulligan, National HSE Manager, Qube

“Our people are our most important resource. Guardian has made our drivers safer every day by keeping them alert and free from distraction.”

Mark McClendon, CFO, Royal Food Service

Getting started

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