We exist to get everyone home safely.

Our greatest imaginable challenge is to see the world achieve zero road fatalities.

The Seeing Machines FOVIO Driver Monitoring System (DMS) technology platform is fundamental to safety on roads and integral as Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs rapidly adapt to mandatory requirements for driver and semi-automated safety standards, while providing consumers revolutionary tech inside their cars.

From monitoring basic driver attention for intelligent driver-aware Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), to safely enabling “Co-Pilot” technologies through understanding of the driver’s state, Seeing Machines continues to lead the implementation of state-of-the-art DMS technology. Our full technology stack comprises solid data-driven Human Factors and optical path research, as well as algorithm development and validation geared toward real-world driving environments.

OEMs today are faced with a maze of electronics, software and sensor integration options for interior monitoring systems. Coupled with market dynamics which are now driving rapid adoption and mass market penetration, the Seeing Machines Embedded Product Strategy has been designed to support a very wide range of common integration, cost, and safety performance challenges, with the flexibility to support the unexpected.

Underpinned by a team of technical and scientific experts, as well as automotive industry veterans, Seeing Machines with its FOVIO DMS technology is leading the charge globally to help mitigate injuries and deaths caused by driver distraction and drowsiness.

Three pillars to support our customers:

With three fundamental pillars, the Seeing Machines Embedded Product Strategy for Automotive comprises the FOVIO Chip Platform, the e-DME (embedded Driver Monitoring Engine) software and the recently launched Occula™ Neural Processing Unit, designed to optimise human tracking and performance.

The first choice in DMS technology

World-leading DMS technology

World-leading DMS technology

Underpinned by 20+ years of human behaviour research and naturalistic driving data, that sees, understands, predicts, assists and protects drivers, even in the most complex of situations.

Standalone integration solution

Standalone integration solution

Technology that can be rapidly deployed and seamlessly integrated across any vehicle make and model on any computer platform; without compromising on safety performance or affordability.

FOVIO Chip driver monitoring platform technology

FOVIO Chip driver monitoring platform technology

The world’s highest performing, lowest cost, fast-to-market solution for DMS vehicle mass market penetration.

Seamless system integration

e-DME (embedded Driver Monitoring Engine)

World leading DMS software offering a low-friction integration pathway for FOVIO driver and interior monitoring technology.

FOVIO Chip Platform

The world’s highest performing, lowest cost, fast-to-market solution for DMS vehicle mass market penetration.

Occula™ Neural Processing Unit

Occula™ accelerates Seeing Machines’ unique monitoring algorithms to deliver optimised human detection and tracking performance.

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How it works

Backed by 20 years of data-driven research our technologies are the most advanced in the world.

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