Human Factors

Unrivalled human behavioural research and data.

Our safety technology is the most advanced in the world because it’s underpinned by more than 20 years of scientific research into human behaviour in real-time, real-world scenarios. We have also accumulated billions of kilometres of naturalistic driving data from our Guardian aftermarket solution, and through independent and joint studies.

This deep understanding of human behaviour is what powers our highly sophisticated and intelligent machines that can see, understand, assist and ultimately protect the people who are using them, even in the most complex of situations.

Behavioural insights

Our latest research in developing the world’s most advanced AI driven safety technology.

Distinguishing between Driver Monitoring Systems

Seeing Machines uses camera-based DMS technology to detect driver fatigue and distraction.

Understanding driver fatigue

Our Human Factors approach to DMS allow us to detect driver fatigue in a range of real-world scenarios.

Examples of distracted driving behaviours

Our deep understanding of human behaviour ensures our DMS can detect driver distraction in its various forms.