The best in our field.

Seeing Machines is a world leader in human-machine interaction and an industry leader in artificial intelligence (AI), that enable machines to see, understand and assist the people who are using them.

We build our technology from the ground up. Our behavioural insights, sophisticated vision algorithms, intelligent optics and ultra-efficient embedded processing combine to deliver the world’s most efficient and optimised driver monitoring system technology, delivered to automakers globally. We partner with world-leading organisations to deliver flexible and robust solutions to our customers.

  • Unrivalled human behavioural research and data

    20+ years of extensive behavioural research and real-time datasets across automotive, commercial transport and aviation, make our machines continually more empathetic and intelligent to the needs of human beings, in order to solve real-world problems and saves lives.

  • Vision algorithms

    Computer vision algorithms, optics and processing technologies accurately measure, assess and detect whether the driver, pilot or operator has passed a threshold of risk, in real time.

  • Driver monitoring optics

    Next generation image sensors, lenses, coatings and illumination technologies that reliably measure head-pose, eyelid closure and precise eye-gaze direction under the full spectrum of lighting conditions and driver appearances, including with spectacles, sunglasses and face masks.

  • Embedded processing

    Optimised, embedded and bespoke DMS solutions, on a range of platforms that deliver scalability and integration benefits to cover an entire automotive portfolio, cost effectively.


Human Factors

Unrivalled human behavioural research and data.

Advanced Embedding

Superior AI safety and performance capabilities.

How it Works

Backed by 20+ years of data-driven research.