How it Works

Backed by 20+ years of data-driven research.

Our computer vision algorithms, optics and processing technologies are the most advanced in the world.

From monitoring basic driver attention for intelligent driver-aware Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), to safely enabling technologies for semi- and autonomous driving of the future, our AI capabilities for safety, performance, comfort and convenience are endless.

Getting started

Take our technology for a test drive.

Ask us for a demo, request a kit or talk to us about how we can custom design a safety or performance solution for you.

Experience Seeing Machines’ world-leading DMS technology. Representing current state of hardware features, software features and signal availability, the Seeing Machines PC-DMS, complete with modular camera to showcase our intelligent optics capability, is available for lease to Tier 1 and OEM customers.

Test drive our high-performance FOVIO technology in-vehicle; and evaluate high-level signal outputs such as Driver Attention State, Driver Gaze, and Driver Impairment Levels.

The kit utilises automotive grade components, making it a reference platform for OEM automotive system integration; and enables rapid software development and adaptation for advanced automotive solutions.

Guardian is our aftermarket driver safety solution for commercial vehicles and is protecting thousands of drivers worldwide today.

For real-time safety technology, proven to reduce fatigue related driver events by more than 90%, contact our team of experienced sales people, or talk to a distributor to test-drive Guardian today.