Royal Food Service & Guardian – Field to Plate Without Mishap

Royal Food Service (Royal Foods) is a privately owned fresh produce and dairy distribution company that was established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994. Today, as a major fresh foods and dairy distributor for the south-eastern USA, Royal Foods services a wide area of Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia, as well as parts of Tennessee. Learn how installing the Guardian solution helped them to reduce instances of driver distraction and keep their drivers safe and alert.

  • Blue truck driving on a highway

For Royal Foods, it’s not all about the cargo: the company regards people as its most important resource, and safety is a top priority. For this reason, a series of serious accidents involving their fleet trucks – and lacking satisfactory explanation – was of major concern. Having researched the options, Royal Foods elected to fit the Guardian solution in their trucks.

Once operational, data generated by Guardian alerted Royal Foods management to a disturbing fact: that some of their drivers were dozing off or even falling asleep at the wheel. On a positive note, however, implementing Guardian heightened both driver and management awareness about driver fatigue and distraction, and there was an immediate reduction in driver distraction.

“Our people are our most important resource. Guardian has made our drivers safer every day by keeping them alert and free from distraction.” – Mark McClendon, Royal Food Service 

Learn more about how adopting Guardian sent a clear message about prioritising safety for their drivers in this case study.