Data Collection

Real-world, naturalistic data underpins our leading technology

Seeing Machines’ industry leading driver and operator monitoring system technology protects drivers and operators all around the world. Our technology is fitted in tens of thousands of heavy vehicles, ensuring drivers are protected from potential distractions or drowsiness events, and installed in over 1 million passenger vehicles as carmakers seek to make their vehicles safer and more convenient for their customers.

As these systems become more widespread, we continue to develop features to support our customers achieve their goals. Data collection is key to our success. We capture real-world data to enable our systems to work for all kinds of people in all kinds of situations, across a range of vehicles.

Real-world data means our technology performs for any driver, in any vehicle, in all situations.


Be part of the future of safe driving and support our data collection programs.

Thousands of people have already contributed to enhancing safety by participating in our data collections but we have ongoing activities and need more people to be a part of our journey.

Data collection programs help us to capture and analyse a wide range of behaviours and events to identify common patterns that teach our algorithms to expect the unexpected. This data is vital for us to develop and train our algorithms to recognise patterns or behaviours and trigger certain features.

To ensure we capture high quality data, our Data Acquisition team conducts extensive data collection programs, using real people, to study a broad range of individuals in real-world situations.

We rely on the most diverse representation of age, sex, demographic and ethnic background to train our algorithms.

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*To sign up for data collections, you will need to create a Pike13 account. Learn more on our FAQs page.

What's involved in a data collection session?

During each data collection session, typically around 60 to 90 minutes long, the participant will be asked to perform a series of tasks which relate to the feature we are developing. We perform a range of data collection activities, so tasks will vary depending on what is needed to train our algorithms. For example, some collections may happen in a stationary vehicle while others require participants to drive a vehicle. Some tasks may be concerned with behaviours, such as looking at certain points, while others may be concerned with appearance, such as putting on sunglasses. All of these activities are undertaken in safe, supervised conditions.

Types of data collection programs

Participate in our data collections

If you reside in or around Canberra, are over 18 and hold a current drivers license, please get involved. We need people of different ages, genders, ethnicities, cultures and appearances.

Some data collections also require families and children to be involved.

Seeing Machines provides compensation for your involvement.

Help us to prevent accidents and enhance road safety by participating in our data collection programs. 

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*To sign up for data collections, you will need to create a Pike13 account. Learn more on our FAQs page.

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Be part of the future of safe driving.

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