The importance of real-time in-cab and external feedback in managing fatigue in commercial transport operations

What makes the Guardian solution unique is combining our automotive-grade safety technology, driven by decades of Human Factors research, with monitoring and intervention by real humans. Discover why the human intervention aspect is so effective in managing fatigue in our lite paper.

Detecting impairment in drivers could save thousands more on our roads

We exist to get everyone home safely, so it’s no surprise that Seeing Machines is now developing solutions for impairment detection to mitigate risks of drunk and drug-related driving, another huge killer on our roads. Peter Brewer of The Canberra Times spoke to John Noble and Paul McGlone to understand exactly what that meant and how it could work when installed into cars, something the US regulators are looking to mandate in the next few years.

Pondering the Australian Federal Budget 3 weeks on!

CEO Paul McGlone responds to the 24/25 Australian Federal Budget's lack of focus on the adoption of proven driver technology to complement the outlined road safety initiatives, genuinely save lives and reduce Australian road toll numbers.

Real-time benefits of eye tracking in the Qantas simulator

Matt Gray, former Head of Training and Checking at Qantas, spoke to our GM Aviation, Patrick Nolan, about his experience using Seeing Machines’ eye tracking in the Qantas 787 simulator.

FORS Drive Safe powered by Seeing Machines’ Guardian

Seeing Machines is proud to partner with the UK's leading fleet operator accreditation scheme, FORS, to promote driver safety and wellbeing.

Kyle Wilson 4BC Brisbane interview

Kyle Wilson from our Human Factors team chats to Peter Gleeson on 4BC Brisbane about how Seeing Machines is supporting driver fatigue management in commercial trucking and buses.

Karinca Logistics & Guardian – Driver Safety and Secure Transportation of Hazardous Goods

For more than 30 years, Karinca Logistics has been a trusted name in the transportation of oil and gas bulk products across Turkey. With a fleet of 150 ADR certificated tankers and a team of more than 300 trained drivers, the company has built a strong reputation for safety and leadership in the industry. Today, Karinca Logistics delivers to over 2000 distribution points throughout Turkey, making safety a top priority for the country's leading logistics firm. Learn how they implemented our Guardian solution to ensure their drivers' safety.

Guardian Insights Report 2CC radio interview

Our Senior Human Factors Scientist, Kyle Wilson, speaks to Leon Delaney on 2CC Radio Canberra about our inaugural Guardian Insights Report.

2022-23 Guardian Insights Report | Australia & New Zealand

When it comes to mitigating the risks of fatigue and distraction for your drivers, understanding the trends over time is invaluable. For example, do you know what time of day drivers are at the highest risk of fatigue? Or what day of the week drivers are most distracted? Discover this and more in the inaugural Guardian Insights Report.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Design workshop at AutoUI

Seeing Machines hosted a workshop on Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Design in the Context of Driver Monitoring Systems and Automation with ITS Leeds and RDW (The Netherlands Vehicle Authority). This was presented at the 2023 Automotive User Interfaces conference in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Safety Recommendations for Bus Industry Taskforce

With a mission to get everyone home safely, Seeing Machines was devasted to hear of the recent tragedy of the fatal Hunter Valley bus crash in Australia's New South Wales (NSW), where 10 people lost their lives. Our CEO, Paul McGlone, wrote to the newly created NSW Bus Industry Task Force to emphasise that much is being done here in Canberra, and around the world, to mitigate the risks of drowsy and distracted driving in all road-going vehicles.

Incorporating synthetic data in driver monitoring development

We’re joining forces with Swedish startup Devant to accelerate development and training of our Machine Learning networks that underpin our advanced in-cabin sensing technology.