Monitoring vehicle occupants through rear-view mirror-mounted camera

Driver and passenger monitoring system development has been given a boost through a partnership between two of the industry leaders.

  • Monitoring vehicle occupants through rear-view mirror-mounted camera

Seeing Machines’ CEO Paul McGlone spoke to Automotive Industries (AI) about our collaboration with Magna to integrate driver and occupant monitoring into the rear-view mirror and the benefits for OEMs and Tier 1 customers.

McGlone: Successfully integrating driver and occupant monitoring into the rear-view mirror is very challenging technically. Working closely with the team at Magna, we have managed to do this and it’s an industry first.

AI: Why the rear-view mirror?

McGlone: We see it as a – if not the – key location for driver and occupant monitoring system technology. It addresses a few key challenges for OEMs,and provides a seamless package across a diverse line of vehicle models, enabling compliance with Euro NCAP and other regulatory standards associated with driver distraction and impairment. This solution also addresses the issue of increasing electronics and cost.

The rear-view mirror provides a very effective cabin camera position as its field of view includes both the driver and occupants of most passenger vehicles. The monitoring of all interior occupants will enable OEMs to broaden their range of safety and convenience features across the entire cabin.


AI: Where is the funding for this R&D coming from?

McGlone: While regulation can drive DMS fitment volume, “feature wars” will drive OEM system value and Seeing Machines average selling price (ASP). As one of the leading technology and solution providers in the global DMS sector, we believe this to be a key inflection point for our business.

The balance sheet strength of the exclusive license payment and investment will fund our current business plan and the investment in our technology and intrinsic company expansion that will be required to meet this expanding demand.

Similarly, we will seek to strengthen our technology leadership position in the market. Seeing Machines has its FOVIO chip-based solution that is high performing and able to meet standardized (mass-market) demand.

Additional R&D investment is now necessary to maintain and enhance our leadership position by delivering a next generation standardized technology offering to the mass market, in support of expected technology protocols recently released by Euro NCAP.

We would also consider a number of niche technology strategic collaborations to support acceleration of an expanding feature set.

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Originally published January 2023 in Automotive Industries online and AI Vol. 201, Issue 2.