Human-Machine Interface Design workshop at AutoUI

  • Human-Machine Interface Design workshop at AutoUI

Seeing Machines will host a workshop on Human-Machine Interface Design in the Context of Driver Monitoring Systems and Automation with ITS Leeds and RDW (The Netherlands Vehicle Authority). They will present at the 2023 Automotive User Interfaces conference in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Road safety is a global issue that Seeing Machines is already addressing today. Their camera-based driver monitoring system (DMS) technology assesses driver attentiveness and alertness levels. It can help to address the risks of fatigue and distraction in real time and prevent accidents.

As more governments seek to reduce road-related trauma, regulation is being introduced to make in-vehicle technologies a requirement. Driver monitoring systems are one such example. But it is only part of the story. For a true safety outcome, the human-machine interface (HMI) design is equally important. The DMS can detect risky behaviours or unsafe driver states. But the HMI can help facilitate behavioural change.

Human Factors scientists from Seeing Machines will lead the workshop, in close collaboration with ITS Leeds and RDW. They will explore issues with DMS-HMI integration, considering this in both manual and assisted driving environments.  

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Join Dr Megan Mulhall, Dr Angus McKerral and Dr Shiyan Yang from Seeing Machines; Professor Natasha Merat and Dr Rafael Gonçalves from ITS Leeds; and Dr Ilse Harms from RDW for the W14 (Afternoon): Workshop on HMI Design in the Context of DMS and Automation: How Should the System Respond? on Monday 18 September.