Daniel Edmunds

Daniel Edmunds

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Danny heads the Seeing Machines engineering organisation, delivering projects to support Automotive, Aviation and Fleet product solutions.

Responsible for engineering globally, Danny leads the Software Engineering, Application Support and Test Engineering teams providing platform solutions and product development. He assumes overall responsibility for engineering delivery and management of the engineering operations, working closely with the Innovation Department to provide strategic direction and leadership in delivering technical solutions.

Joining Seeing Machines in 2017, Danny brings over 20 years of automotive industry experience from various engineering management roles. He has a background in managing engineering departments supplying Tier 1 products to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In his previous roles he has led engineering teams to develop technical products from concept to production for customers in Asia, Europe and the Americas. He has a demonstrated history of scaling product development processes, project management and product delivery.

Danny holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) H1 from La Trobe University.