Incorporating synthetic data in driver monitoring development

We’re joining forces with Swedish startup Devant to accelerate development and training of our Machine Learning networks that underpin our advanced in-cabin sensing technology.

  • Incorporating synthetic data in driver monitoring development

In addition to our 20+ years’ experience and unrivalled access to human behavioural insights, Seeing Machines will incorporate the world’s most advanced synthetic data into our digital engineering processes to meet the growing demand for more in-cabin, driver and occupant monitoring capabilities as new transport safety regulation deadlines approach.

Our class-leading driver and occupant monitoring system (DMS/OMS) technology is powered by Machine Learning networks, which need to be trained and validated using large sets of high-quality data.

Devant is a world leading supplier of human centric synthetic data. Seeing Machines has conducted research into using synthetic (or computer generated) data in the design and development of in-cabin monitoring systems, developing a scientific approach to validate what makes a computer-generated human “real enough” in practice. Learn more about the research in our whitepaper.

This scientific approach, combined with Devant’s unrivalled capability and focus to solving the unique but critical in-cabin human synthesis challenges, will support accelerated development of our advanced in-cabin sensing technology to deliver genuine safety outcomes and real-world reliability and performance.

Learn more in the press release.