Aviation Q&A with Captain Matt Gray

  • Captain Matthew Gray and Seeing Machines’ GM Aviation, Pat Nolan, in the Qantas simulator

Seeing Machines’ GM Aviation, Pat Nolan, got together with renowned pilot and pilot instructor, Captain Matthew Gray in his quasi office, the Qantas simulator, to discuss changes in Aviation technology. Captain Matt has 40 years of flying experience and has seen significant changes in the skills and training required for pilots.

As technology in the cockpit has evolved, the information available to pilots has vastly increased, creating a visually dense environment. As such, the pilot scan has had to evolve to assist pilots to process this wealth of data.

Captain Gray is a strong advocate for the use of eye tracking technology in simulated training environments. As an experienced pilot instructor, he has seen the value of using this technology to help trainees develop and enhance the skill of the pilot scan.

Qantas uses Seeing Machines’ eye tracking technology in their flight simulators to support pilot training. But Matt also believes this technology has applications beyond flight training and can be used in aircraft operations, particularly for safety analysis.

“I think the future for eye tracking at the moment is unlimited and it’s going to revolutionize how we actually fly, train and examine safety data in aviation,” he commented.

Watch the video below to learn more and see some of the technology in action in the Qantas simulator.