Behavioural Insights

Distinguishing between Driver Monitoring Systems

Seeing Machines uses camera-based DMS technology to detect driver fatigue and distraction.

Understanding driver fatigue

Our Human Factors approach to DMS allow us to detect driver fatigue in a range of real-world scenarios.

Examples of distracted driving behaviours

Our deep understanding of human behaviour ensures our DMS can detect driver distraction in its various forms.

The role of Human Factors in DMS technology

Human Factors is fundamental to Seeing Machines' industry leading DMS.

Lizard glances: the Achilles Heel of DMS that rely on head pose

The two most recognised types of DMS are those that detect whether drivers’ hands are on the steering wheel and those that use cameras to measure driver attention and state.

Eyes: the windows to the soul

One of the most safety critical and contentious issues in the automotive world right now is how to effectively monitor a driver’s engagement level while they use partially and fully automated driving functions.

DMS could reduce US traffic deaths by 1/3

According to Dr Mike Lenné there is still a long way to go in reducing road-related deaths and major injuries but an answer could literally be staring the driver right in the eyes.